All About Organic CBD & Hemp in Vermont

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Vermont, our hemp farms for Upstate Elevator Supply Co. are more than just plots of land – they’re a testament to our dedication to sustainable, organic practices. From the very beginning, we’ve understood the importance of fostering a connection between the land and the CBD products we craft. 

At Upstate Elevator, we take pride in cultivating clean, organic hemp to create our premium CBD and cannabinoid-based products. Learn about what it takes to grow organic hemp in Vermont, plus the local farmers we’ve partnered with. 

Optimizing Purity & Potency in Hemp Genetics

At Upstate Elevator Supply Co., our family has been selectively breeding quality hemp cultivars for as long as we can remember. Our mission is to establish a harmonious relationship with nature by ensuring that every step of the cultivation process is guided by respect for both the environment and hemp plant. 

Our hemp research first began with examining high CBD:THC Type III cultivars, with rich terpene profiles and genetics that can withstand the short Vermont cultivation season. With only a small window to grow outdoor hemp, we formulated hemp genetics that would not only thrive in Vermont’s environment but boast a high content of CBD for full-spectrum wellness

In this process, we’ve also prioritized terpene expression and minor cannabinoid diversity in the hemp genetics grown. From there, Upstate Elevator’s CBD production was expanded by collaborating with local Vermont hemp farmers to implement a vertically integrated manufacturing process. 

As a result, you get access to the cleanest, purest form of hemp-based cannabinoids created in various quality-curated products. 

Don’t Panic, It’s Organic!

For our Vermont CBD company, organic is more than just a label – it’s a philosophy. We believe that honoring earth’s natural processes is the best gateway to plant wellness – which is why our hemp is cultivated without the use of any synthetic pesticides or herbicides.

All that it takes to grow our hemp is the bright Vermont sunshine, plenty of water, and a robust variety of natural plant nutrients and microorganisms. We’ve incorporated these regenerative farming practices to enhance soil health and promote biodiversity in our soil while conserving natural resources in the process. 

The result? An organic, potent CBD product that captures the true essence of Vermont’s regenerative and organic hemp farming. 

Crafted with Care: Meet Our Farm Partners

From seed to harvest, our partnered farmers meticulously tend to each plant for nurtured growth and pure, potent cannabinoids. This hands-on approach guarantees that the hemp we harvest is of the highest quality, infused with the spirit of Vermont’s rich agricultural culture. 

To get a better sense of the regenerative, organic farming practices used in our CBD products, learn more about our partnered farmers: 

Pete’s Greens 

As a certified organic, four-season vegetable farm located on the edge of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom in Craftsbury, Pete’s Greens grows about 200 varieties of vegetables on over 300 acres of land. Alongside their wide range of organic produce that gets sent out to supply a variety of restaurants, grocery stores, bakers, and butchers in the area, Pete’s also supplies sungrown hemp to our CBD company. 

Earthkeep FarmCommon

On a six-hundred-acre plot in Charlotte, VT lies Earthkeep FarmCommon. This regenerative farm revitalizes key agricultural and value-added food sectors through the lens of agricultural tourism. Their regenerative farming practices directly influence the quality of hemp grown, making it an obvious choice for a hemp farm partner. 

Wilson Herb Farm

Composed of the husband and wife team by Brenden and Lindsay Beer, this couple’s farm was established from their lifelong passion for plants. With decades of experience digging in the dirt, Wilson Herb Farm boasts an interest in alternative wellness which has led them to this path of hemp farming. 

Explore the Power of Organic CBD & Hemp from Upstate Elevator Supply Co.

When you choose Upstate Elevator, you’re choosing more than just a CBD product – you’re embracing a commitment to purity and sustainability while supporting local Vermont hemp farmers in the process. 

By adopting such regenerative approaches to hemp cultivation in Vermont, we aim not only to produce premium CBD products that promote a higher sense of wellness but also allow us to leave a more positive impact on the ecosystem.

Stop by our flagship store in Burlington to browse our diverse selection of hemp, CBD, and cannabinoid-based products, or shop our products online and order straight to your door, nationwide. 

From our farms to your home, experience the power of organic Vermont hemp through Upstate Elevator’s curated CBD line crafted to elevate your wellness routine.

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