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CBD+CBG Beverages

Enjoy a refreshing mix of delicious natural flavors and fast-acting THC-free cannabinoids. Each of Upstate Elevator’s CBG and CBD-infused beverages is crafted with premium organic ingredients and pure organic Vermont cannabinoids for a refreshing and relaxing pick-me-up, any time of day. Swap out your boozy social night out with a CBD-infused seltzer, or sip on our CBD beverages at your next spa day.

Next Level CBD BEverages

Clean-Crafted with natural & mixologist approved flavors.

Made with THC free third-party tested CBD isolate to ensure non detectable levels of THC.

Upstate Elevator CBD beverages are always delicious and potent thanks to nano-encapsulated CBD isolate derived from hemp.

CBD Beverage Assorted
Upstate Elevator CBD CBG Beverage

A DELICIOUS, HANGOVER-FREE Way to UNWIND & Elevate the Everyday

Upstate's CBD-infused soda is a carbonated beverage, sweetened with organic agave syrup, flavored naturally with African ginger & Mexican lime, with zero THC. Enjoy it as an afternoon pick-me-up, an alternative to the after-work-IPA, or mix it up with our Mello Mule cocktail recipe. 

Our CBD+CBG seltzers are carbonated beverages, with zero THC, zero calories, zero sweeteners, and zero guilt. Naturally flavored with black cherries & Sicilian lemon, or ripe raspberry, lime & hibiscus, this zippy duo is infused with nano-encapsulated CBD.

CBD and CBG Sparkling Fruit Waters are THC free, low calorie and contain just a touch of organic agave syrup for the slightest hint of sweetness. Tropical flavors of fresh green mango and aromatic passion fruit combine with nano-encapsulated CBD isolate to deliver a refreshing and relaxing experience.

What makes Upstate Elevator’s CBD soda & seltzer different from other CBD beverages?

Upstate’s proprietary nano-CBD technology allows your body to absorb the CBD up to six times faster than traditional CBD products.

What is nano CBD?

Simply put, nano CBD/ CBD nanotechnology/ nano-encapsulated CBD are all the same way of saying, “CBD broken down into tiny particle sizes and wrapped in a protective layer that makes it easier for your body to absorb”. Upstate’s ultrasonic processing method encapsulates CBD into tiny micelle structures. The process emulsifies the cannabinoid, allowing it to be equally distributed throughout a liquid.

What are the benefits of nano CBD?

Products that use “nano CBD” in their formulation typically do so either to increase the bioavailability—which means you can absorb it more efficiently, and may require a lower dose. Or, it is chosen for its water-soluble properties, which means tastier CBD beverages and optimized delivery.

When should I have CBD beverages?

CBD beverages are excellent any time of day or night! Take a beverage with you to a stressful meeting, or enjoy it instead of the after-work-beer. While they are a great substitute for alcoholic beverages, they are also a wonderful mixer for cocktails and mocktails.

Are these CBD beverages vegan-friendly?

Yes, Upstate Elevator CBD and CBG beverages are made without any animal products or byproducts.

Should I have CBD sodas instead of other oral CBD products?

CBD beverages behave similarly to other oral delivery methods (such as tincture), but as they use nanoencapsulation technology, you may feel the effects more quickly and they may dissipate more quickly.

Are these CBD beverages THC free?

Yes! Upstate Elevator uses CBD Isolate to create the nano CBD used in our beverages to ensure they have non detectable levels of THC. This means that you can use them without fear of the effects of THC in your bloodstream. There are lots of reasons people cannot or should not ingest any THC, from medical, to personal, to professional, and we are committed to offering a daily dose that works for everybody.

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