3 Ways Our CBD Pet Products Benefit Your Furry Friends

At Upstate Elevator Supply, we believe in providing the purest and safest wellness solutions and products for everyone – including your pets! 

No matter the breed or age, cats and dogs can experience all sorts of external stressors, aches, and health challenges – because of this, they should receive the same comfort and care that we do as humans. 

Upstate Elevator Supply proudly provides helpful, healthy pet care products formulated with Vermont-grown hemp, for a well-balanced CBD experience. Learn how exactly hemp-derived CBD can be beneficial for pets, plus some examples of how our CBD pet products can improve your furry friend’s quality of life. 

How Can CBD Benefit My Pet? 

At Upstate Elevator Supply, we understand that your furry friends are an integral part of your family. That’s why we’ve crafted CBD pet products designed to complement your pet’s well-being by interacting with their endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Present in all mammals, including us humans, the endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role in maintaining balance and harmony within the body. CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural compound found in hemp plants. When introduced to your pet’s system, CBD interacts with the ECS receptors, helping to regulate various physiological processes.

This interaction can be especially beneficial for pets experiencing stress* from external factors or discomfort from aches, or aging. CBD for pets may offer a sense of calm and promote more comfortable well-being by supporting the ECS in its efforts to maintain balance.

3 Ways Our CBD Pet Products Can Benefit Your Furry Friends

At Upstate Elevator Supply, we pride ourselves on providing you and your loved ones with natural and holistic wellness solutions – your pets included! 

While there’s still much research and scientific evidence to conclude just how exactly CBD and hemp can improve our pet’s wellness, there have been many cannabinoid blends formulated safely for pets to help promote calm and relaxation. 

Carefully crafted with safety and accuracy in mind, learn how our line of CBD pet products can improve the quality of life and love of your furry friend. 

  1. Relaxation & Mood Relief

Consider the many different external factors that can affect your pet – there are pets or animals in their surrounding environment, changing patterns in their landscape or weather, genetic diseases or illnesses, or even the food or water they consume daily. 

While many factors can impact your pet’s lifestyle, you can help them out by finding natural support for a calm disposition. Hemp-derived CBD for pets can help promote a sense of calmness in cats or dogs while regulating their mood to a more balanced state. 

  1. Joint and Mobility Support

Especially for older dogs and cats, bone and joint health can become affected with age. Oftentimes, previous injuries can cause joint soreness later in life, or excessive exercise can strain pets. 

No matter the issue, your dog or cat shouldn’t have to experience discomfort daily. Full-spectrum hemp extract can help pets ease stiffness due to normal daily exercise or activity. By giving support for connective tissue, hemp extract can promote better comfort so your pets can function with ease. 

  1. Increased Energy & Healthy Well-Being

Consider the supplements, vitamins, or CBD wellness products we as humans consume daily. As an integral part of your family, your cat or dog should have a healthy regimen, too! Incorporating organic CBD into a pet’s lifestyle or diet will not only promote a more balanced sense of calm but load them up with the essential vitamins and nutrients your pet needs.

  • Our Hemp Salmon Oil for Cats & Dogs is blended using full-spectrum hemp extract with CBD and wild-caught salmon oil. Full of Omega-3 fatty acids, this CBD salmon oil can be added to your pet’s food for a healthier coat, skin, and body.

THC-Free Pet Products for Your Peace of Mind

All of our CBD pet products at Upstate Elevator are proudly THC-free, so your pets can enjoy the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects associated with THC. Our commitment to quality and purity means you can trust our products to provide a natural and gentle solution for your pets.

Elevate Your Pet’s Well-Being with Upstate Elevator Supply

Meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards for both humans and animals, our CBD pet products are formulated with the same Vermont-grown hemp and proprietary genetics used in our human CBD products. 

This assures both you and your pet are receiving the highest quality and standards of hemp-derived wellness – so you can focus on providing a natural solution for your pet’s well-being, no matter the external factors that arise.
Browse our full line of hemp-derived CBD for pets and visit our Blog for more hemp & cannabinoid education.

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