When Should You Take CBD Oil?

One of the most common questions about using CBD oil is the best time to take it. Many potential benefits of CBD are becoming common knowledge in the mainstream, people understand that this cannabinoid can be used responsibly. Learning how to have the best CBD experience comes down to knowing what’s important to you — whether that’s extraction methods or the most-effective ways to take CBD — and using those factors to help guide you toward products that work best for you.

After you get those habits down, you can begin to look at some of the details, like dosage and safety, and of course when to take CBD for the best results.

What to Consider Before You Consume

There are several factors that may help determine when taking CBD oil will provide you with the best experience. Consider the method of consumption and why you are taking the product: ingested delivery methods, like capsules and edibles, may take longer to have an effect than sublingual delivery methods like tinctures that are absorbed under the tongue more quickly. On the other hand, sublingual delivery methods tend to wear off more quickly than ingested methods. So, think about when you want to experience the effects and how long you want them to last to help decide the best time for you to take CBD oil. If you are taking CBD capsules, it can take up to one to two hours to feel the effects. It’s also important to consider your daily schedule and wellness routine, and when it would be most-convenient to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle.

Understanding the Difference Between Delivery Methods

Depending on the type of delivery method used, the duration of CBD’s effect will vary. CBD in the form of edibles, capsules can last for four to eight hours while tinctures can last from 45 minutes to three hours. Ingested CBD typically lasts longer than tinctures (four to eight hours versus 30 min to three hours), but it also has a longer onset time (30 minutes to two hours) which may affect when you consume it. Although tinctures have a quick onset in comparison (15 to 45 minutes), its duration may not be suitable if you need the effect to last longer.

How to Choose the Best Time to Take CBD

Because everyone’s biochemistry is unique, some people will feel energized and others may feel more relaxed after using CBD. It’s up to you when you feel it is best to consume CBD, based on your prior experiences and what you need it for throughout the day. Consuming CBD in the mornings or afternoons can be great for kick-starting your day, while evenings may be more ideal for those who need help unwinding or relaxing before bedtime so they can wake up feeling refreshed.

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