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Upstate Elevator Supply Co.
Full Spectrum Vermont CBD Products
Hemp has been part of our human ecology since pre-history; from ancient ceremonies to salves, the plant Cannabis has been an ally to us and our ancestors for what could realistically be described as “forever.”
Cannabis was created by natural selection across countless generations followed by something like 11,000 years of intensive human cultivation. We grew it because it helped us. When our ancestors ached after a long day, or they trembled in fear of what lurked in the darkness of night they turned to this plant for aid. Hemp has been there for us for a long, long time.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that does not make you “high” and occurs naturally in certain strains of cannabis, it was not created in a Petri dish. CBD has never been advertised on daytime cable by people who aren’t doctors, it doesn’t have a list of side effects as long as your arm, and it has never killed anybody. Hemp has been around forever, growing in gardens alongside all the other green things we've come to rely on.


The Upstate Elevator Supply Co. is here to lift this remarkable plant into the twenty first century with our patented extraction and purification process.
The men and women in charge of our organic farms work closely with our lab technicians to extract, purify and concentrate our sustainably grown and harvested hemp into a wide array of natural, botanical remedies.

The pure, organic hemp we grow in Colorado and Vermont can only become the effective products our customers count on through a technique closer to alchemical transformation than scientific extraction.
When you’ve done the research and come to the conclusion that CBD is the right fit for what ails you, you simply will not find a source as pure, as effective, or as elevated, as the Upstate Elevator Supply Co. Read more about Upstate's CBD farms here.


A Vermont Botanical Center of Excellence with four pillars: hemp, hops, herbs and a food hub.
The Vermont Botanical Center of Excellence will be a farming campus located in northwestern Vermont. It will be a center of innovation and education, a hub of product development and quality food, and a community gathering place. We see an opportunity to create an economy built on Vermont’s long tradition of cooperative, community-based agriculture. Learn more here.