Reach Biker’s Bliss with CBD & CBG

After a long winter of resting and hibernation, we are celebrating the return of summer and outdoor adventuring! For avid mountain bikers, this time of year never seems to come fast enough, but once summer has arrived its hard to fight the urge to hit the trails.
Woman Mountain Biking in Vermont

Learn how hemp-based cannabinoids like CBD & CBG can enhance your mountain biking performance and provide much-needed recovery after a long day. Discover top recommended Upstate Elevator CBG & CBD products to help relieve, recover, and sustain energy levels during your mountain biking adventures so you can feel your best all season long.

Enhance Your Mountain Biking Fitness with CBD & CBG 

Sure we’re biased, but nothing beats summer in Vermont! From tucked away swimming holes and excellent hiking, to local breweries and immaculately groomed mountain biking trails, this place is pure magic. 

 During the summer season, mountain biking in Vermont is a perfect way to connect with nature and stay active – however, it also demands significant physical endurance and mental focus. Sore muscles are the first indicators of your body telling you, “Thanks for the workout, now let’s relax a bit!” Stiffness and tired muscles are common for bikers of all levels, even your mind can feel exhausted after a day spent on the trails.

That’s where hemp-based cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol) come in – their potential wellness benefits and effects can help provide some recovery relief.

Find Relief & Recovery with CBD for Bikers 

You can rely on CBD for its calming properties, which are essential for bikers coping with sore muscles and discomfort after a long ride on challenging trails. By building CBD into their routine, bikers can recover quicker, and wake up refreshed, recharged, and ready for another adventure. Additionally, CBD can help support a healthy sleep cycle*, which is especially helpful in overall recovery and maintaining peak performance. 

  • With all the fun that comes with mountain biking, don’t pass up another adventure for fear of feeling sore the next day! Find calming relaxation and rejuvenation with our line of full spectrum CBD products for relief – from organic CBD gummies for relief to soothing CBD muscle creams, choose to revive however works best for you. Find your recovery after a day of living your life to the fullest. 

Enhanced Focus* with CBG for Bikers

On the other hand, CBG can help to enhance the calmness needed for focus* and boost energy levels, which can complement athletic performance and stamina for mountain bikers. Considering the unique interaction CBG has with our endocannabinoid system, this compound is noted for specific benefits not provided by other cannabinoids (like CBD or THC). 

By incorporating CBG into your wellness routine, mountain bikers can enjoy a more balanced, and comfortable biking experience all summer long.

Proud Partners with the Vermont Mountain Bike Association

Upstate Elevator is proud to partner with the Vermont Mountain Bike Association, working to ensure the sustainability of mountain biking in Vermont and provide exceptional biking experiences for the community. 

Through advocacy, education, and community-driven stewardship, the VMBA is a unified voice of the mountain bikers in the state, hosting events and volunteer opportunities to connect and engage with bikers in the community. 

Check out some of the upcoming VMBA Days Upstate Elevator is looking forward to with the Vermont Mountain Bike Association: 

Reach Biker’s Bliss with Upstate Elevator 

Made with the purest and most potent ingredients, and hemp-based cannabinoids, Upstate Elevator is proud to support Vermont’s mountain biking community, keeping them elevated and rejuvenated throughout the summer season and all their biking adventures ahead!

Between our extensive line of CBD and CBG for focus* or relief, the stellar detail you can count on is the consistent purity and potency in each of our Upstate Elevator wellness products. From organic capsules and gummies to soothing topicals and hemp oil tinctures, take a mountain bike ride Upstate and tap into focus*, balance, and support on your next summer adventure! 

Looking for a refreshing post-biking treat? Check out our recipe for CBG & CBD Mint Lemonade and read more recipes & tips on our blog! Shop our full collection of wellness products and order online today.

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