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CBG helps support a sense of calm for focus* and may work to enhance your mood. Explore our many CBG options!


CBG (Cannabigerol), also known as “The Mother of all Cannabinoids” works alongside CBD, naturally occurring terpenes, flavonoids and other parts of the hemp plant to bring harmony and balance to your endocannabinoid system.

CBG can help to regulate your mood, support a sense of calm for focus*, and support post-exercise recovery. While CBD affects our receptors indirectly, CBG interacts directly with receptors in your central nervous system and balances the effects of other cannabinoids.

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How do you take your CBG?

Lucky for you, we've got plenty of Upstate Elevator products that feature CBG! If you are looking for a mid-day or post workout lift be sure to grab a six-pack of our CBG+CBD Strawberry Tangerine Seltzer or CBG+CBD Caribbean Green Mango Sparkling Fruit Water. If gummies are your go-to, give our USDA Organic and Full Spectrum CBG+CBD Tart Berry Gummies a try. Our best-selling Organic CBD+CBG Hemp Extract is great for those looking for quick relief and works great in your favorite hot beverage. And last, but definitely not least our Organic Full Spectrum CBG+CBD+CBDA Capsules, which come in 30mg and 75mg doses, are ideal for anyone looking for a balanced blend of cannabinoids. 

What does CBG do for you?

Cannabigerol (CBG) helps regulate the vital processes in your body where CB1 receptors are dominant, like in your brain and nervous system, digestive system, vascular system, and reproductive organs. It is especially good at easing a worried mind, soothing nerves discomfort, and calming a cranky tummy.

Is CBG stronger than CBD?

CBG interacts with your body differently than CBD, connecting to receptors sites directly and boosting the indirect action of CBD. CBG may work better than CBD and in smaller quantities for concerns related to nervous system regulation and digestion, but the two of them together are the real power couple.

How will CBG make me feel?

CBG helps you find a calm focus*. Alert but relaxed, use it to help fuel a productive afternoon, face a hectic day and boost mental clarity. In smaller quantities it can also help ease a nervous mind before bed. 

What CBG product should I try?

If you want the best tasting CBG product available (anywhere!), start with the 30mg CBG+CBD Tart Berry Gummies–a nice “average” serving size and a fast acting solution. Our CBG+CBD Hemp Extract is perfect for starting small and slowly increasing the serving until you find the relief you want–as you hold the extract in your mouth it starts absorbing right away. For an all-in-one option and longer lasting relief, try the CBG+CBD+CBDA Capsules, in 30mg for everyday issues or 75mg for more chronic or severe concerns.

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