Want the Best CBD? Here’s 5 Things to Ask First

If you’re anything like us, what you put in your body matters to you. And if you’re looking for the best quality CBD to help with a specific issue, then it really matters to you.

So what should you look for when researching CBD products? We’ll walk you through 5 questions to ask before making that first purchase.

Is The CBD Third-Party Tested?

The CBD industry has grown a ton in the last several years. With so many new players out there, it’s extra important to make sure your CBD is third-party tested, meaning each product has been tested by an independent accredited lab. It’s the one true way to ensure unbiased data regarding the potency, quality and safety of the CBD you’re buying.

While third-party testing is not currently required in every state to sell CBD, it creates a layer of trust that many high quality CBD producers feel is important. After all, everyone’s going to tell you their CBD is the best, right? Better to get an unbiased opinion on the matter. That’s why at Upstate Elevator Supply Co., we put all our products through third party testing, ensuring we’re giving you exceptionally clean crafted CBD products.

Is There a Certificate of Analysis?

Now don’t just take a company’s word that their CBD is third party tested; trust their certificate of analysis.

Our Certificate of Analysis doesn’t just show our CBD has been tested, it lays out the exact cannabinoid types, their concentration, and their purity. This verifies you’re getting the exact dosage and type of cannabinoid you expect—and none of the stuff you don’t, like pesticides and heavy metals. If the CBD company you’re researching doesn’t have a certificate of analysis listed on their site, ask them to provide one.

If they don’t, well that’s a great big red flag. If you’re looking for potent, high-quality CBD, it’s best to review the certificate of analysis before purchasing to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying.

Are The Products Organic?

Okay, so you’ve found CBD that’s been third party tested and you’ve gotten a clean certificate of analysis. You’re halfway there! Now it’s time to see if the products are certified organic.

If a product is labeled “USDA Certified Organic,” it means the farm and facility where the hemp is grown and processed has been inspected by a government-approved certifier and has met all organic standards set by the USDA. For starters, this means it was grown, harvested and produced without synthetic pesticides, chemicals, toxic agents or additives, but there can be other quality standards included as well, and it all adds yet another layer of traceability and transparency.

At Upstate Elevator Supply Co., we’ve long embraced the organic goodness, and have been offering more and more USDA Certified Organic CBD products in our lineup made from certified organic hemp grown right here in Vermont.

Is There a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Now that you know you’re dealing with a high quality product, it’s time to figure out how you want to experience it. Do you want a tincture for ease? Gummies for a little sweet tooth indulgence? Capsules? Topicals? How many milligrams?

All these choices can feel daunting, especially for first-timers. So it’s always helpful to find a company that offers sample sizes to help you try multiple options without diving right into a big purchase. And it’s doubly helpful if the company offers live hemp consultations like ours, so a dedicated expert can help determine what might work best for you and your needs. And hey, if they offer something like our sixty-day satisfaction guarantee, even better, because the most important thing is that you’re happy with your CBD purchase.

What Do Customers Say?

Lastly, do what you do with anything online: read the reviews! 

Just like buying a robot vacuum or new headphones, when considering a new CBD product, see what other customers have to say. Are there recent reviews featured on the site? Are they positive? If you spot regular negative reviews on a site it could indicate that their CBD isn’t very good quality. And if you see tons of highly positive reviews that are worded very similarly or are vague on details, that might be a clue that bots are at work and someone’s paid for good reviews. Look for a CBD company with regular, detailed raving—and above all, human-generated reviews on their products.

Get Started

Now that you know what to look out for, you have everything you need to feel more confident when purchasing CBD. And while we hope you make that purchase from us at Upstate Elevator Supply Co., really all we want is you to find your happy place with CBD.


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